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Span & Freestanding Greenhouses 

The span or freestanding Greenhouse is a popular choice when an open site is available. We have two popular width sizes, 2.665 and 3.525 both of which are available in many length options. 
3.150m x 3.150m 
3.525m x 5.155 
2.665m x 3.485m 
It may not always be possible to address the requirements that we believe are important to the greenhouse site. These usually are that the building has a ridge that runs east to west, with consideration to a reasonable degree of shelter from strong winds. This will allow both good light transmission and heat distribution. 
When choosing the site it is also worth considering available space for cold frames and the location of water butts. We do when possible like to harvest water by means of an optional internal tank and always try to conceal downpipes appropriately. 
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